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Juki AMS Computer Stitcher

The sewing machine achieves the highest sewing speed, 2,800sti/min, in the industrial sewing machine industry. As a result, cycle time is dramatically reduced. The feed accuracy is substantially improved due to the adoption of the encoder control system. The new AMS Series models substantially decrease power consumption when compared with the conventional ones. They have been designed to achieve eco-friendliness.

AMS-210EN-1306 (X: 130mm × Y: 60mm)
The sewing machine flexibly supports the sewing of small articles such as labels and emblems. The sewing machine's small sewing area promises ease of use when handling small articles, thereby enabling smooth sewing operation.

AMS-210EN-1510 (X: 150mm × Y: 100mm)
The 1510 model is well received in the market due to its moderate-sized sewing area.Responding to market demand, the 1510 area model with a motor-driven feeding frame has been newly developed.This model can be used in a plant which is not provided with pneumatic equipment.

AMS-210EN-2210 (X: 220mm × Y: 100mm)
This model has a sewing area that is best-suited to the sewing of large parts, including the shape-tacking of jean pockets. With this model, you may recognize the higher productivity of the cycle machine.

AMS-221EN-2516 (X: 250mm × Y: 160mm)
The sewing machine is best-suited to the sewing of large labels and emblems, the sewing of two or more pieces of small labels and emblems at one time, and the shape-tacking of bags and shoes. The sewing machine is applicable to a broad range of materials and processes, while leading the industrial sewing machine industry in terms of improvement in quality and the promotion of production that does not require sewing-machine operators to have special skills.

AMS-221EN-3020 (X: 300mm × Y: 200mm)
The sewing machine is applicable to sewing products which require a wider sewing area than that of the "AMS-221EN-2516." It is best-suited to the attaching of handles to bags and the shape-tacking of boots and shoes. The sewing machine is flexibly applicable to sewing requiring a medium sewing area.


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